Selling: Increase Your Home’s Appeal with these Updates

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Increase Your Home's Appeal

Home trends come and go. Today’s must-have items tend to become tomorrow’s outdated features in the blink of an eye. 

Homeowners who plan to stay in their current homes for years to come needn’t prioritize modern trends over personal preferences. However, homeowners looking to sell their homes can consider these favored features to increase their properties’ appeal to modern buyers.

  • Separate laundry room: According to the National Association of Home Builders’ 2021 What Home Buyers Really Want report, a separate room dedicated to laundry was the most desired feature among prospective home buyers. Though it might not inspire the awe of an outdoor living room or floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a wooded backyard, a laundry room fills a direct and universal need. Perhaps that’s why 87 percent of buyers want a room dedicated to laundry in a home.
  • Exterior lighting: Drive through a modern suburban neighborhood at night and it won’t take long before you realize the popularity of exterior lighting. And that’s no coincidence, as homeowners everywhere appear to embrace exterior lighting. The NAHB report indicates that exterior lighting is the most sought-after outdoor feature. The good news for prospective sellers is that exterior lighting is an inexpensive and instant way to transform a property at night. Some solar-powered lighting along walkways and outside the front door can make a home feel more safe, while some uplighting of large trees in the backyard can produce a sight to behold once the sun goes down.
  • Energy-efficient upgrades: Inflation has driven up the cost of just about everything over the last year-plus, and energy is no exception. So it should come as no surprise that 83 percent of prospective home buyers are looking for energy-efficient windows and appliances in a home. These features save money and benefit the planet, making them a win-win among buyers.
  • Patio: Patio spaces have long been popular, but that popularity reached new heights during the pandemic. When forced to stay at home for long periods of time, millions of people longed for ways to spend more time outdoors without breaking lockdown rules. Patios provide outdoor living spaces, and 82 percent of buyers indicated they wanted a patio with their next property.
  • Side-by-side sink: A double or side-by-side sink is among the more affordable features buyers are looking for. At less than $1,000 on average, a side-by-sink is an affordable way to make a home more appealing to modern buyers.

Modern buyers want a lot out of their homes, and sellers can do their best to meet those desires while getting the most money for their properties.