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Lake Panorama in Guthrie County, Iowa, is a fisher’s paradise. 

This serene oasis nestled within a residential community covers a whopping 1,160 acres of pristine water for fishermen to traverse. Perfect for an enjoyable day of fishing and leisure, the private lake allows for optimal peace and tranquility. Various fish species are abundant in the lake. Numerous fishing and boating services also dot the area for those who wish to enhance their experience. Spring and Fall offer the most pleasant temperatures, and there are fewer boats on the lake, making them ideal times for fishing. If you want to live somewhere that offers easy access to fishing spots near Lake Panorama, call us today, and we will show you all the best options in the area.

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Fishing License

For those desiring to fish at Lake Panorama, procuring a license issued by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources is necessary. Compliance with fishing regulations helps preserve the lake’s aquatic resources. That’s why Lake Panorama has diverse marine life. Along with protecting fish populations and providing a great fishing experience, fishing licenses help maintain healthy ecosystems for generations. Depending on the kind of fishing you plan on engaging in, resident anglers have several options for procuring a license. Anyone interested in setting their poles in the area can purchase a license from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources website. But you can also call the customer service hotline or seek out an authorized license retailer. Several license types are available for resident and non-resident anglers. There’s a resident hunting/habitat combo, a resident fur harvester/habitat combo, and an annual hunting/habitat license.

Fishing Spots near Lake Panorama, IA Photo 3 for Fishing Spots near Lake Panorama, IA Lifestyle Page
Credit: Photo by Michal Dziekonski on Pixabay | Source

Fish Population

Anglers can find an extensive selection of fish species inhabiting Lake Panorama. Species such as crappie, bluegill, bass, walleye, perch, and catfish make their homes here, as do some large pike, who can occasionally bite the lines of crappie anglers. Reports from fishermen attest to the presence of a large crappie population and sizeable bass. These catches have earned the lake enough popularity to host bass tournaments. The Fin and Feather Club also regularly stocks the lake with walleye and catfish, the latter thriving in the lake during the summertime. The perch population is relatively small, but they are a good option. There is also a bluegill population in the lake. It adds to the rich selection of fish for enthusiasts to pursue.

Fishing Rules By The Lake Panorama Association

Lake Panorama is exclusively open to Association members and their guests. There are exceptions for special seasons through the directive of the LPA Board of Directors. Anyone fishing within the Lake Panorama region is subject to fishing equipment inspections. Similar to hunting and trapping regulations, the association explains that anglers are also bound to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources rules. Violations made against fishing guidelines on Lake Panorama Property will cost you your privileges and the appropriate fines imposed by the Iowa DNR and the LPA.

Fishing Rules By The Iowa DNR

The Department of Natural Resources has a few general rules for fishers. For example, you cannot buy or sell fish, whether they are dead or alive, unless permitted to. So, conservation officers can inspect your catch at any time to check for compliance with regulations. The Natural Resources Commission also has the authority to order fish capture from any region with an urgent threat of fish loss due to natural causes. This method may be deemed necessary to rescue fish species. You are allowed to stock privately-owned waters. But you cannot store or bring live fish into state waterways without the authorization of the Iowa DNR director.

Fish-tagging Procedure: Catching fishes require you to record the species of the fish, the total length, weight, tag identifier, date of catch, location, and whether the fish was kept or released. You have to send this information to or call the nearest fisheries station. This process helps to monitor fish populations.

Fishing Equipment: Anglers can use Gaff hooks and landing nets to assist you in landing fish. Rough fish (buffalo, carp, quillback, sheepshead, dogfish, gar) can be caught day or night by a spear, snagging, or a bow and arrow. You cannot use the following to catch fish in Iowa:

  • Grabhook
  • Electricity
  • Snaghook
  • Net
  • Firearm
  • Trap
  • Explosives
  • Stupefying Substances
  • Poisonous Substances
  • Lime
  • Dynamite
  • Ashes
  • Seine

Fishing Lines: You may have up to two lines, each with one or two hooks when still fishing or trolling. Single-pointed, double-pointed, and treble-pointed hooks are all considered one hook each. Artificial lures and baits containing multiple hooks are still counted as one hook. For fly fishing, each line can have up to two flies. Two trolling spoons or artificial baits may be used per line when trolling and baitcasting.

Fishing Licenses: Licenses for fishing in Iowa cost between $10 to $65. Interested applicants for the licenses can either purchase them online or through any of the accredited retailers. There are over 700 certified retailers in Iowa. Here are the fishing licenses you can avail of:

  • Resident Fishing
  • Angler’s Special – Three-Year Fish
  • Bonus Line 3rd Fish Line
  • Lifetime Fishing (65 years old & older)
  • Lifetime Trout Fee (65 years old & older)
  • Outdoor Combo – Hunting / Fishing / Habitat
  • Resident Trout Fish Fee
  • Resident 1-Day Fishing
  • Resident 7-Day Fishing
  • Resident Boundary Water Trotline
  • Nonresident Fishing
  • Bonus Line 3rd Fish Line
  • Nonresident Trout Fish Fee
  • Nonresident 1-Day Fishing
  • Nonresident 3-Day Fishing
  • Nonresident 7-Day Fishing
  • Nonresident Boundary Water Trotline
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