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Lake Panorama is a hunter’s haven in Guthrie County, Iowa’s rolling hills and pristine wilderness.

It’s an excellent area for thrill-seekers and hunters. You’ll mainly find wild turkey, deer, quail, pheasant, and waterfowl. Enjoy the experience with the majestic sights of calming wetlands, upland, and timbered forests. The lush forests enveloping the lake allow hunters to demonstrate their archery and black powder weapon abilities. These are the only weapons allowed for hunting in the area. The large lake allows for challenging long-distance shots that demand focus and accuracy. No matter your experience level, this place promises an unforgettable hunting experience. We can also show you available houses dotted along the community. Call us today to settle into properties just minutes from hunting grounds near Lake Panorama, IA.

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Bays Branch

Panora, IA 50216

For outdoorsy folks, a hunt at Bays Branch Wildlife Area is an extraordinary opportunity. Various creatures, such as rabbits, pheasants, waterfowl, quail, and deer, are all up for grabs. Visitors can sharpen their hunting prowess and savor the thrill of the chase. As the wildlife refuge is carefully maintained, the animals have enough shelter to stay concealed. The terrain makes hunting here an invigorating yet rewarding undertaking. The vast expanse of the area leaves adventurers with plenty of room to explore. The wet locations in the area allow anglers to haul in their biggest catch yet. The almost 1,284-acre wild region at Bays Branch Wildlife Area is a slice of heaven for hunters and fishermen to get their fill of nature.

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Marlowe Ray

Stuart, IA 50250

The 187-acre wildlife area provides outdoor adventure and recreational opportunities. Drenched in woodland glory, it is a place to soak up the silence of a blissful Iowa countryside. Wildlife like turkeys, ducks, and squirrels take shelter in the greens of forestland. Visitors can pursue the hunting of migratory game birds, including doves and waterfowl. To do this, registration with the Harvest Information Program is required (various fees may apply). Prepare to embark on a grand and wholesome exploration of this natural paradise. Nature lovers can also go biking, paddling, fishing, and foraging. Hunters are sure to have a good time practicing their shots here. You won’t have to worry about wasting bullets when you visit Marlowe Ray State Wildlife.

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Sheeder Prairie

Guthrie Center, IA 50115

The Sheeder Prairie State Preserve sparkles with vibrant life and color. This untouched tallgrass prairie lies in the rolling hills of Southern Iowa’s Drift Plain. It has an impressive 200 species of plants and 30 different types of grass. One can find beautiful wildflowers like bird’s-foot violet, lousewort, rough blazing star, and wild bergamot. The prairie provides endless entertainment for visitors, and the 96 species of birds that flock here will capture the hearts of even the most casual observers. Hunters will enjoy the preserve because it allows visitors to pursue various species, including pheasants and rabbits. As you explore the terrain, you’ll also find deer and squirrels making their way through 185 acres of timbered land.

Hunting Regulations At Lake Panorama:

Except for special hunts or seasons specified by the LPA Board of Directors, only Association members and their guests can fish on Lake Panorama or other LPA assets. The Lake Panorama Association follows all fishing, hunting, and trapping laws and regulations the Iowa Department of Natural Resources sets. Hunting is forbidden inside the boundaries of Lake Panorama Subdivision, except in locations and under circumstances and rules defined and imposed from time to time by the Lake Panorama Board of Directors. Trapping is typically forbidden but may be permitted in limited circumstances with specific authorization from the Lake Panorama Association. Violations of hunting or trapping restrictions on Lake Panorama Property may result in the loss of privileges and fines imposed by the LPA and the Iowa DNR.

Hunting Regulations Set By The Department Of Natural Resources: All hunters who hunt on Iowa’s licensed hunting preserves must get either an Iowa small game hunting license and habitat fee or the specialized hunting preserve hunting license, which is exclusively valid on preserves. Resident Iowa children aged 16 and younger are not required to obtain a license if accompanied by an adult aged 18 or older with a valid license. On the other hand, non-resident youths of the same age must get a non-resident youth preservation license and pay the habitat charge.

Hunting Licenses Exclusively For Residents:

Free Annual Hunting and Fishing License: This license is for residents of Iowa who are chronically handicapped and have an annual household income that’s less than the federal poverty requirement or who are above 64 and have a yearly household income that’s less than the federal poverty guidelines.
Veteran Lifetime Hunting and Fishing License: This is a lifelong hunting license for veterans with a service-connected handicap or who were prisoners of war.
Iowa Lifetime Trout For Resident Veterans: A license for Iowa residents who qualify for and have received the Disabled Veterans Homestead Credit.
Resident Non-Ambulatory Deer Hunting License: Iowa citizens certified by a physician as non-ambulatory may apply for this type of license.
Iowa Annual Hunting License For Resident Armed Forces Veteran: Residents of Iowa who have been on federal active duty in the US armed services are eligible. Applicants will only be required to apply once. Once authorized, the licenses will be available for purchase annually.

Hunting Licenses Exclusively For Residents and non-Residents:

Crossbow for Deer and Turkey Hunting License: A permit that authorizes using a crossbow when hunting deer and turkey for people confirmed by a physician as having an upper extremity handicap.
Eligibility for a Severely Disabled Deer Hunting License: Hunters certified as seriously handicapped by a physician can get a paid deer hunting license to hunt through the Disabled Hunter Season.

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