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Lake Panorama is a boater-friendly lake in Panora, Iowa.

The Middle Raccoon River underwent a damming process in the 1960s. It created what’s now the Lake Panorama area. It spans 1,600 acres and has a maximum depth of 50 feet. The lake is a hub for recreational activities, but boating is especially popular. There are multiple local services that cater to the steadily growing demand for boating.  The weather during the spring and fall is especially beautiful, with fewer boats on the lake so it’s an ideal time to explore. If you want homes with access to boating services, contact us today.

Boats, Lifts & Docks in Lake Panorama

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Coulter's Panorama Marine

5387 Chimra Rd, Panora, IA 50216

This family-owned business supplies the most up-to-date maritime goods to enhance your lakeside living experience. It’s one of the most They specialize in providing the most recent advancements in boating technology. They also offer guests a large indoor, heated-cooled pontoon and boat display facility. They offer new and pre-owned inventory. So there are several options for boats and boating supplies for all budgets. They also offer docks and lifts that can be installed by the various barge services in the area. And while they’re not considered a Lake Panorama boat rental business, they do offer indoor boat storage, winterization, and a modern marina.

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Lake Panorama Barge Service

5105 Panorama Dr, Panora, IA 50216

A few different people owned Lake Panorama Barge Service. Danny Cunningham and his wife, Gina, bought the company in 2003. Lake Panorama Barge Service sells docks, Shore Station lifts, and accessories, in addition to boat lift and dock installation and removal. The company also provides components, labor, maintenance, and repairs. Cunningham increased the width of the barge to 18 feet in 2017. He acquired a second barge and erected a crane in winter of 2020, but COVID made it tough to utilize. Cunningham has launched his second barge recently, though. Lake Panorama Barge Service builds and removes lifts and docks for all condos along the east border of Lake Panorama’s main basin. Every year, they provide priority services to 40 consumers. 

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Van Houten Barge Service

6962 Panorama Rd Panora, IA 50216

Mark Van Houten explored the potential of beginning a new barge service at the July 2001 L.P.A. board meeting. That Fall, Van Houten launched his barge service. He built his barge with the assistance of another firm for the most part. It measures 12 feet by 30 feet and weighs 38,000 pounds. Van Houten does not sell products and instead installs lifts and docks offered by Coulter Marine. His busiest seasons are spring and fall, with lift and dock installation in the spring, removal in the fall, and maintenance work in the summer.

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L & N Docks (Floating docks)

P.O Box 72, Lewis, IA 51544

L & N Docks has served the Midwest clientele for over 35 years. They specialize in bespoke residential docks designed and constructed off-site to safeguard motorized and non-motorized lake property for years. L&N Docks and Lifts is also an Econo Lift boat system vendor, which keeps your watercraft out of the water and eliminates hours of cleaning. Their rapid production process gets your dock from design to installation in as little as a day.

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Deluxe Docks & Lifts

Deluxe Docks & Lifts will dock to the north of the debris trap. The owners, Tyler and Aubrey Rupp, believed the lake’s membership desired additional dock and lift sales and service alternatives. They discovered that ShoreMaster offers a portfolio of items the community would like. They provide floating and permanent docks and lifts. They can handle boats of any size and type. The dock product range offers nine decking designs and infinite configuration choices. Rupp also had a barge built in Minnesota. It’s a 30-foot fork-style barge made entirely of aluminum. So, Deluxe Docks & Lifts can provide full-service operations, yearly installation and removal, lift and dock reconfigurations, canopy replacements, repairs, and on-lake transportation for products such as beach sand and building supplies.

Boating Guidelines

Boat Inspections: The Lake Panorama Association has the right to inspect any private vessel at any time. The inspection may involve confirming that vessel specifications, safety equipment, and invasive species regulations are up-to-date and examining other aspects of the vessel’s legal operation and use. If everything is satisfactory, the vessel owner will be given a sticker to display. Any boats banned from the lake must have their sticker removed and either returned to a designated L.P.A. representative or destroyed. Evidence of this destruction must be provided. Unfortunately, no refunds for permit fees will be given.

Enforcement Authorities: All boats navigating on Lake Panorama must adhere to the Iowa Boating laws issued by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources unless the Lake Panorama Association amends these regulations. The L.P.A. reserves the right to designate representatives and agents to ensure these regulations are enforced and obtain the necessary gear for patrolling the lake. Should the need arise, the L.P.A. Security Supervisor will be the final judge in deciding what activities require additional safety measures.

Boat Impoundment: Any watercraft found violating the Lake Panorama Association’s regulations or limitations, parked overnight on L.P.A. property, or declared abandoned may be impounded. Vessels will be returned to the owner only after payment of all associated penalties and costs determined solely by L.P.A.

Boating Guidelines For Personal Watercraft: Operators of PWC who are 16 or 17 must pass and have in their possession the basic boating certification as required by the State of Iowa. Operators should also remember that a vessel should not be operated at speeds over ten mph from half an hour after sunset until sunrise. PWCs should never be handled within 50 feet of any shoreline, stationary vessel, or dock at a speed exceeding ten mph.

Member Registration Limit: Members of Lake Panorama are only allowed to register a maximum of two power vessels over ten hp for the season. The maximum length for boats registered at the lake is 24 feet, including swim platforms, while pontoon boats can measure up to 27 feet. Bigger boats purchased before September 1997 that have been continuously registered are exempt from this rule. The registration of sailboards is not allowed. Meanwhile, houseboats are prohibited from the lake. As with other classifications, those continuously registered before May 22, 2018, are exempt as long as they remain with the current owner. Additionally, all electric-powered vessels and watercraft are banned until Lake Panorama releases rules for their usage. Electric trolling motors are still allowed.

Boat Registration Requirements: Only members of the Lake Panorama Association may register their vessels. A member must provide a current state Boat Registration Certificate showing them as the vessel’s owner. Vessels can be registered in person at the Association Office in Panora, Iowa, during regular office hours, or by mail to P.O. Box 157, Panora, Iowa 50216. Only authorized L.P.A. personnel are allowed to issue boat permits subject to invasive species regulations.

Definition of Invasive Specie: An Invasive Specie is any plant and animal species with the capacity to reproduce rapidly owing to a lack of other species or basic controls that exist with “invasive” species in their natural environment. Aquatic invasive species include but are not limited to, several Asian carp species, zebra or quagga mussels, Eurasian carp water milfoil, and marine species categorized as such. 

Boating Guidelines For Guests

Guest Registration: Lake Panorama welcomes guests of its members with the restriction of protecting the Association’s best interests. No guest boats may be launched, except for three registered by members during the season, which can be used on weekdays apart from holidays and days that experience an influx of visitors. A guest’s permit will be valid for two consecutive days with a registration fee set by the board of directors. The property owner must sign a contract to accept full responsibility for their guest. The L.P.A. will require you to identify the boat’s number, length, color, make, and horsepower.

Guest Violations: It is not unusual for D.N.R. officials and L.P.A. Security to warn guests aboard vessels owned by L.P.A. members. It is important to note that these offenses are connected to the L.P.A. member’s account. And if three penalties are incurred in the same year, the member’s boating rights will be terminated for the season. Members may be legally and financially liable for any accidents or damages caused by their visitors while utilizing the equipment. L.P.A. members must guarantee that their visitors are aware of the requirements and competent to operate the vessel safely.

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